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Glowing Testimonials

Feedback By Viewers of Disaffected Podcast

Glowing Testimonials for Josh Slocum
"It’s so comforting to see someone reacting genuinely to all this performative nonsense. just so refreshing. thank you for helping us normal people not feel insane in the world as it is now."
Disaffected Viewer
"I believe I started listening to Disaffected after seeing an exchange on Twitter between you and James Lindsay. As a generally anti-woke, non-Covid-vaxxed libertarian woman raised by a Cluster B mother, the Disaffected podcast is a dream come true. I've shown parts of Disaffected to my husband to help him understand my experience. Disaffected is like free therapy!"
Disaffected Viewer
"My mother has BPD as well. My father - NPD. After years of therapy, I think (I hope) I'm finally seeing the situation clearly. And I'm 44. It's almost impossible to find people who find people who understand this, or accept it. I'm so glad you made this video, even if it was probably very hard. Thank you."
Disaffected Viewer
"This was a great and eye-opening episode. A friend of mine has been saying for years that a lot of the super woke irrationality out there seems to be linked to Cluster B tendencies, and your podcast does a great job of explaining this. Just went to follow you on Twitter as well and saw you made your account private; I hope the SJWs aren’t attempting to kill you too much right now. Keep speaking your truth; it matters a lot."
Disaffected Viewer
"Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights, it creates deep reflection, and does expose patterns found in the current "woke" movement. I also appreciate how intelligently you explained such painful aspects of your feelings, such as your step father."
AE Edwards
Disaffected Viewer
"Listening to your show is like hearing someone speaking my inner thoughts out loud. Voice of reason confirmed."
Disaffected Viewer
"Thank you. My mother was similar to yours. Then I married a man who was the same way. I've been a sucker, making excuses for others and trying to see the best in others, doubting myself, when deep down alarms are going off. It's a strange thing that happens to the minds of abused children, and people. Even though we are experts at recognizing predators, we, or I should say I, think it's more important to give them the benefit of the doubt, rather than protect the self. You've given me a lot to think about. Much appreciated."
Disaffected Viewer
"I love this show, I wish it was released daily, I think Joshua is one of the brightest and well spoken intellectual's we have discussing these issues today. He is spot on and saying things we all know are true but no one wants to talk about. God bless you and I look forward to your next episode."
Disaffected Viewer