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Slocum Consulting Disclaimer

Slocum Consulting offers advice on managing relationships with high-conflict people. We do not offer professional mental health services.

By booking an appointment with Slocum Consulting, you agree that you have been informed that Slocum Consulting:

  • does not provide professional psychological, psychiatric, or mental health services
  • does not provide any services that require a license for “counseling,” “therapy” or any other regulated mental health service, regardless of the specific terminology used to describe such services
  • offers you advice and solutions from an experienced layman’s perspective
  • is not licensed as any type of mental health service provider, and does not represent to you that Slocum Consulting is a licensed mental health provider

Our services consist of conversations with Joshua Slocum, who has personal and business experience with high-conflict personality types. You are receiving advice from an experienced layman only.